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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It’s Still Cold Here

…in Michigan. Spring is teasing us very, very slowly. Last Saturday it was nonstop sun and in the fifties; Monday night it dipped into the thirties with snow flurries yesterday. So I felt like soup. Something to warm me up completely, right to my bones. Soup does that (so does herbal tea).

This is the Tomato Chickpea Soup with Tiny Pasta and (Fresh) Herbs (I used dried from my garden), adapted from Vegan Express:

2 tbsp olive oil
2-3 garlic cloves, minced
4 C water
1 C tiny pasta (I used ditalini)
1 28-oz can of crushed tomatoes (I used diced)
1 15-16-oz can of chick peas, drained & rinsed
2 tsp paprika
1 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp dried dill
sea salt & ground pepper to taste
1 tsp of sugar

1. In a soup pot, heat the oil & add the garlic. Sauté until golden (be careful not to burn).

2. Add 4 C water, bring to a boil, then add pasta & cook until al dente. I actually cooked it until it was not quite done, since it would cook with the rest of the ingredients later.

3. Add the remaining ingredients, except salt & pepper. Return to a boil, then cover, lower heat & simmer gently about 10 minutes. Season with salt & pepper to taste.

And because soup is so good with homemade biscuits, I made these Basic Baking Powder Biscuits, adapted from La Dolce Vegan:

2 C flour
3 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
1/4 C vegan margarine
3/4 C soy milk
1 tsp apple cider vinegar

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. In a large mixing bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, & salt. Stir in margarine (I cut it in with a fork), then add soy milk & vinegar until well blended. Knead dough lightly. I HATE rolling out & cutting biscuits (or cookies for that matter), so for fun today I took a muffin tin, lightly sprayed it with Pam Cooking Spray, then rolled the dough into little balls placing 3 in each muffin tin. When they cooked, the balls formed together to make little cloverleaf rolls. So cute. They were the perfect accompaniment to the hot soup! See for yourself.


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