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Saturday, April 11, 2009

It Doesn’t Take Long

As a vegan, I acknowledge that I have to cook to eat well and that I have to bring food to eat with me when I’m away from home because I eat in a meat & dairy lover’s world. But for many people, they think cooking every day takes hours to get a good home-cooked meal. Thursday’s lunch proves that this isn’t true. In about 45 minutes, I had a complete lunch.

I made some polenta from scratch following the instructions on the Bob’s Red Mill bag (cook for 30 minutes in boiling water, spoon into a lightly oiled Pyrex bowl, cover & let sit for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a plate where it forms a cake of sorts that you can slice like a pie). I thought I had some leftover Josie Sauce still in the fridge from the other day but found that Jim had eaten the last of it the day before. So…

I decided to make my usual black bean recipe (posted on Feb. 10) & use that as a sauce for the polenta. Finally, I sautéed some chopped zucchini in olive oil, black pepper, & sea salt. Voila! I’ve got my greens, my grains, & my legumes all in one meal.


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