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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Full Page Ad…for a Fruit!

I rarely look at magazines but I was looking through one the other day and, after the customary full-page “Got Milk” ad, an ad for high-fructose corn syrup (yes, that’s right!), the prescription drug ads (do you have this illness? get a drug!), and an ad for beef (poor Elsie), I came across a full-page ad for Hass Avocados! I couldn’t believe it. Is this what vegetable growers have to do to get people to eat more vegetables? The milk and meat industries have such huge lobbies to get their word across, I was very happy to see this.

As a librarian, I was curious as to whether, like tomatoes, the avocado is a fruit or a vegetable. According to,

‘The history of avocado takes us back to the Aztecs and their language, Nahuatl, which contained the word ahuacatl meaning both “fruit of the avocado tree” and “testicle.” The word ahuacatl was compounded with others, as in ahuacamolli, meaning “avocado soup or sauce,” from which the Spanish-Mexican word guacamole derives. In trying to pronounce ahuacatl, the Spanish who found the fruit and its Nahuatl name in Mexico came up with aguacate, but other Spanish speakers substituted the form avocado for the Nahuatl word because ahuacatl sounded like the early Spanish word avocado (now abogado), meaning “lawyer.” In borrowing the Spanish avocado, first recorded in English in 1697 in the compound avogato pear (with a spelling that probably reflects Spanish pronunciation), we have lost some traces of the more interesting Nahuatl word.’

Very interesting, don’t you think?

I so need to get to the grocery store tomorrow without fail! I’m out of some vegetables especially onions! I use them in practically everything I make.

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