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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Locally grown flour I can buy at the Farmer’s Market! I had just been thinking that I liked the Anson Mills flour that Jim purchased online a few months ago (and that I promptly used up in my regular homemade baking) and I had just used up the last of my grocery store mass-produced flour, when Jim went to the Farmer’s Market today and picked this up:


Jim said they were a new vendor we hadn’t seen before at the Farmer’s Market. This is Jennings’ Bros. home grown (and milled) flour from Nashville, Michigan (wherever the heck that is). Wait, let me get my map out: on the southwest side of the state in Barry County. Jim said the guy was in his 60s and was alternating his Royal Oak Farmer’s Market visits every other week with the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market in Ann Arbor. So, if I like this flour, I plan to buy more from him. Too cool!

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