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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cooking Against the Clock

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We went to the Farmer’s Market last Saturday and got some new potatoes and beets from the organic farmers. There are both farmers that use pesticides and those who don’t and you already know which ones I buy from! It’s so exciting to see food again at the market instead of just dried flowers, flea market furniture & collectibles, or homemade soap which prevail during the winter months. This is a sign that summer and some great Michigan produce are coming! I can’t wait for strawberries (only for about 2 weeks—then poof! they’re gone), blueberries, and brussel sprouts! There were bunches of seed packets and little seedlings for sale, too, but Jim gets his seeds from Seeds of Change. I’m thinking he should maybe look into what’s for sale locally for next year.

So when I get this stuff home, sometimes I think, I’ve got to do something with all these potatoes and beets before they aren’t good anymore. So,when I have some time on my mornings off before I go to the library, like today, I will roast them all in the oven in a little olive oil with sea salt & ground pepper. This way, they can either be warmed later as side dishes, used in other recipes, or (and I really love them this way) at room temperature to toss into salads.

Yesterday I roasted a few beets with some onions & minced garlic and later ate them with baby spinach in a salad, like so:


It was so good I decided to cook the rest of them the same way and the new potatoes, too, in a separate roasting pan. The only real work is scrubbing, washing, & chopping. After that, the oven does the work for you.

An easy, quick, way to enjoy some whole foods.

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